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Multimedia Home Network Layout

Network Layout





















Two key components are building the core functionalities:

  • The WRT54GL WLAN router provides PPPoE connectivity to the Internet provider's DSLAM, Firewall and SIP ALG, relays all DNS requests, DHCP service for clients with non-static IP addresses,  and basic WLAN access.
  • The DNS-323 is a Network Attached Storage device with 2 harddisks. It provides storage space for Sat TV recordings of the two Dreambox Sat TV receivers. Furthermore it keeps the complete Audio CD library for remote access as well as other data files.
    A cron job starts a backup script which creates daily snapshots.

Both core components run under Linux with alternative FW versions. This allows customization and extensions.


Top left: WRT54GL to handle Internet connectivity
Top right: An additional 802.11n WLAN access point to provide faster wireless speed for multimedia streaming
Bottom left: 8 port Gb switch, low energy
Bottom center: DNS-323 as NAS: Cenral storage and printer server
Bottom right: Dreambox DM500-S as secondary Sat Receiver, with ISP's original DSL modem/router used as modem only on top of it