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Home A Multimedia Home Network
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A Multimedia Home Network - Introduction

Starting from simple Internet access, more IP connectable device were the network over the time.
This is an attempt to document this setup, show what is possible and how things have been implemented.

Various requirements popped up and functionalities have been added.

The features available currently:

  • Internet access everywhere in the house
  • Cheap international VoIP calls, PC independent
  • Using one printer from different PCs
  • Recording and viewing of multiple satellite TV channels with one subscription
  • Watching satellite TV from any PC over WLAN
  • A central storage place for movies, music, scanned documents and other files
  • Watching our small kids playing in the garden
  • Monitoring IP traffic to study device behavior and optimize configurations

Planned features:

  • FXO to SIP adapter to make the analogue phone line available on the multi line SIP desktop phone
  • Remote access to central data store
  • PC synchronization to centrally stored contacts and bookmarks