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Vopium: A Mobile VoIP Provider!

Vopium provides software for smartphones that allows users to make very cheap calls harnessing VoIP technology. The company boasts calls from Denmark to the US for only $0.02 per minute and claims to provide the same quality as traditional phone companies. According to the release, one million smartphone users have installed Vopium on their mobile phones and at least 250,000 customers in 49 countries are currently using the solution.

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Nokia (NYSE:NOK) confirmed its forthcoming N8 device will be the last N-series smartphone release running the Symbian OS. "Going forward, N-series devices will be based on MeeGo," Nokia spokesman Doug Dawson told Reuters, adding the handset maker will continue to employ Symbian across lower-end handsets.

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Skype plans to charge for Skype to Skype calls in the future!

This is good news for the industry! Not everything can be free of charge or ad subsidized! VoIP operators often offered services for free to build up a customer base. Now it seems to be time to harvest. If its possible to establish a (reasonable) price for VoIP to VoIP calls, there is room for new services and better customer support.


Blackberry Storm to Support LTE?

According to the blog, the new device will either be Verizon's first or second LTE handset, and also will sport several high-end features including a 1 GHz processor, 8 GB of internal memory and 1 GB of Flash memory. Verizon is the exclusive U.S. carrier for RIM's Storm touchscreen smartphone, now in its second iteration.

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